30 mar. 2010

21 mar. 2010

My story with Chung.

When i was 14 years old, I was a fan of The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, and Kaya scodelario. I certainly hated Alexa Chung, since she was the girl that conquer alex's heart.
I never look for information neither about she, or anything. Only i hated her for a few friends that I knew in the Internet, which they were saying to me that she was detestable, and bla bla.
And for this silly reason I hated and envying completely to Alexa . What more was calling the attention of the Couple, Alex and Alexa, was that they had so similar names, It seemed that the destiny had joined them, To these english people.
My fanaticism for Kaya Scodelario, stimulate myself to do to her a blog, a web page, something to demonstrate all that was admiring and loving her (like a woman fan, nothing strange) Because of it, i create the fotolog Hellokaya And I began to raise photos of Kaya, and of Effy (her personage in the series Skins).

Once looking for photos of her, To raise to my fotolog, and surfing for sites of fans of her, i find this photography. And stay in a state of admiration, emotion, and I thought that so small it is the world. That they all connect, some with others.

It was brilliant. Kaya (my idol in that moment), was A Brazil's half. And she knew Alexa and alexa knew alex, alex knew to Paul McCartney and Paul belong to the Beatles. It was waw. Only I can do this chains of dreams. Of: " I knew to such a person, she knows to X person, and he knows to Super X person " (Super X person, would be the person that I would die for knowing at some time.) . When i saw the photo, i think 'Hey, if Kaya Scodelario has a photo with Alexa, she must not be the worst thing'.

And this way it began my fondness, there was doing the great Alexa.

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